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Safe Connect Dots Electrical Monitors

Safe Connect Dots for TEST and TAG

Test and Tag Professionals validate the safety of items on inspection. But there is no way of knowing how items have been treated in the past and whether or not they have been subjected to overheating events.

For enhanced safety after any Test and Tag check, make sure you adhere a Hot Connect Dot Monitor to every item. This provides alerts for users and better information for you on your next Test and Tag assessment.

hot-plug indicators

Over Temperature Indication - ideal


Added surety when used by TEST and TAG professionals.

The Hot Plug Indicator provides 24/7 monitoring and visual indication of elevated temperatures, before any plastic insulation damage occurs and long before thedevelopment of fire or breakdown.

Quick and easy to Install


Hot Plug Indicators simply adhere to the outside of a plug, adaptor or extension socket and give a visible indication of elevated temperature.

Faulty electrical connections within plugs or adaptors or overloaded plugs or adaptors can create excessive heat and lead to fire!

If the temperature rises above 52°C the pink dot will turn deep red. The colour change is PERMANENT, giving historic heat detection.

Protection for homes and Businesses


Hot Plug Indicators are an ideal addition to complement in-service inspection of portable and plug-in electrical equipment.

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