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Some Questions we get asked about our SafeConnect products

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What is the Hot Connection Indicator
The Hot Connection Indicator is a brand new electrical fire safety accessory designed to highlight developing heated electrical connections to the naked eye. They change colour from purple to pink at 55°C and will stay permanently pink if they reach 71°C.
What is the purpose of the Hot Connection Indicator
The Hot Connection Indicator is primarily designed for use on electrical connections within consumer units and distribution boards for use as part of periodic visual inspection of electrical installations. The Hot Connection Indicator simply pushes onto a cable next to its connection terminal, no disconnection required, and will change colour from purple to pink if the connection and cable become heated. The Hot Connection Indicator gives early visual warning of developing high temperature connections.
What is unique about the Hot Connection Indicator
The unique benefit of the Hot Connection Indicator is that it retains its colour change, even after cooling back to normal operating temperatures thus providing historic heat indication. The Hot Connection Indicator can identify connection heating faults that may not be seen during real time inspections of electrical installations (visual or thermal camera) due to connections being cooled when off-load or if isolated at the time of inspection.
Why Permanent Colour Change at 71C
Most switchboard equipment is rated at 55C, with derating above that temperature. 71C on the cable over the insulation was selected as this likely means the terminal temperature is possibly close to 90C or even slightly more, depending on how close the clip is applied to the actual terminal. It is suggested that a warning at 71C is most appropriate and still well below any combustion temperature.
Once Hot Connection Indicator are installed and the cover is refitted you can't see if they have changed colour
The colour change of any clip that has been subjected to over temperature no matter when it occurred is immediately obvious as soon as this switchboard cover is removed
What advantage does the Hot Connection Indicator have over thermal camera inspections
Thermal camera inspections, though very precise and having full temperature range, give a real-time snap-shot image of heated connections that are apparent at the time of the inspection. In the above storage heater, oven or shower scenario, the thermal camera inspection if carried out when circuits are off load would not highlight any developing connection problems as the connections would have cooled down.
Are Hot Connection Indicators easy to fit
Hot Connection Indicators are extremely easy to fit. They simply push fit on to the cable. See our fitting instructions.
Why Purple and Pink colours
Purple and pink colours are used because they are contrastingly distinguishable and they stand out against the usual colours that can be found within electrical boards and panels i.e. grey, brown, black, blue, red, yellow, green and white.
What is the ideal application for the Hot Connection Indicator
The Hot Connection Indicator is ideal for use as part of Electrical Installation Condition Reporting and inspection of electrical installations. They add the new unique safety function of permanent colour change or historic heat indication highlighting developing heated connections.
How long will a Hot Connection Indicator last
Hot Connection Indicators will last for many years providing they are not in sunlight or exposed to UV. When used as recommend we suggest replacing your Hot Connection Indicators during periodic electrical inspections (usually 5 yearly).
Does the Hot Connection Indicator become brittle or disintegrate at elevated temperatures
The Hot Connection Indicator is made of polypropylene and does not go brittle or disintegrate like PVC cable insulation at elevated temperatures. If the temperature of a HCI rises above 160 Celsius it does start to soften / deform slightly. The Hot Connection Indicator has been tested to temperatures up to 250 Celsius and whereby the Hot Connection Indicator deforms but remains on the cable. Obviously though the point of the Hot Connection Indicator is to highlight elevated electrical connection temperatures at the much earlier temperature of 70 Celsius. This is long before reaching the softening temperatures of the Hot Connection Indicator.

Dot Monitor FAQ


What do I do if my Dot Monitor turns red?

Switch off the socket and/or unplug and remove the plug/adaptor from the socket and carry out a visual inspection of the equipment.
Visually check the plug/adaptor/socket are not damaged as follows;

Visibly check that cables and leads are in good condition.
Visibly check if any parts of the plug/adaptor are loose.
Look for cracks or damage on the plug/adaptor casing.
Look for signs of overheating, such as discoloured casings or cable.
Check if there is any blackness or scorch marks around the plug/adaptor/socket.
Check if there is any melted plastic on plug/adaptor/socket casings.
Check that the plug cable is firmly clamped into the plug and no coloured plug wires are showing.
Check that the plug/adaptor/socket is not overloaded
If any of these points are apparent do not continue to use and contact a competent electrician for advice and further inspection.

If all visual checks are ok and the plug/adaptor/socket are safe to use, it is recommended that you do not leave the plug/adaptor/socket unattended when in use. Replace the hot plug indicator for new and be vigilant when using the plug/adaptor/socket. Always remember to switch off your electrical items when they are not in use.

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