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Visual indicator of heated electrical connections.


Safe Connect® provides an extremely low cost way to permanently monitor electrical connections and components with patented permanent Colour Change indicator products. These simple clip on devices provide an instant visual sign as soon as a switchboard is opened for inspection.

Any and every component can be monitored in this way to provide added security to ensure any Hot Spot event can be identified no matter when it occurred.

Supporting the requirements of electrical inspection and maintenance.
Giving your clients a more robust and safer electrical system.

Thermal Imaging of electrical switchboard and components is a valuable way to see if an electrical Hot Spot is present. But what happens if the load causing the Hot spot is not operating at the instant the thermal picture is taken. Our permanant colour change products ensure any Hot Spot event is captured - no matter when it happened.

Cable Clip Electrical Monitors

Safe Connect Clip Electrical Monitors

Simple Push-On Application makes it so easy to retrofit to existing electrical installations or include in new installations.
Permanent Colour change to PINK when cable reaches 71c.

Safe Connect Dots Electrical Monitors

Safe Connect Dots Electrical Monitors

The Safe Connect Dots warns of overly heated components before they become a fire risk.

The Safe Connect Dots are low cost self-adhesive pads that can be fastened to any electrical device to monitor temperature rise.

The centre Dot changes colour from light PINK to a permanent DEEP RED colour as soon as the temperature reaches 52 degrees Centigrade.

An essential safety item for plug pack adaptors, multipole connection power boards and any electrical appliance that connects to mains electrical power.

Safe Connect  Wrap Monitors

Safe Connect Wrap Electrical Monitors

The Safe Connect Wraps are for cables and pipes where temperature alerts are required.

The Safe Connect Wraps are low cost self-adhesive and are available in two different trigger temperature grades.

70 Degrees Centigrade (HCW70) and 90 Degrees Centigrade (HCW90).

A permanent colour change of the central WHITE band to dark BLACK occurs at the trigger designated temperature

An essential temperature alert mechanism for electrical cabling and piping infrastructure.

Multi-Award Winning Electrical Fire Safety Products giving your clients a more robust and safer electrical system.

The Hot Connection Indicator has so far won two 2018 Electrical Industry Awards and the 2019 Electrical Review Excellence Award for Fire Safety and Security. Was Highly Commended in the 2017 IET Innovation Awards and a finalist in the Electrical Safety First 2018 Safety Product of the Year Award.
The Hot Plug Indicator and Hot Connection Cable Wrap, both launched in 2019, won the 2019 Electrical Industry Awards for Residential/Domestic Product of the Year and Industrial Product of the Year, respectively.

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